Executive Assistant

I am posting this job one place, and one place only, and that’s on FlexJobs, because of my respect for Sara and what she’s built. I also used FlexJobs at the third company I started, with great success.

I’m now starting my fourth company, but it’s a bit different. It’s a nonprofit, for one, and it’s trying to fix the world of disinformation. So that’s what’s cool.

What’s less cool is that it helps fix things with a very nerdy solution, that works very much in the background.

What I need is an executive assistant, starting out at perhaps an hour or two a day. Right now it’s just me working on this, and I have a couple of other things that occupy my time. With JournalList, nothing happens unless I make it happen, and right now not enough is happening. So I need some help.

The job as I envision it will be this:

  • Meet with me every morning to go over what each of us needs to do. I imagine us doing a screen share and looking at the Trello board, talking about each item and assigning stuff to you and to me.
  • The fact that I have a Trello board is progress for me. I’m famously disorganized, and yet somehow still productive. But I know that any organizational system is only as good as the daily use it gets, and that’s what I need you for, to nudge me in the direction of being more organized.
  • The cards on the Trello board that will go to you will probably be a lot of research. I have about 200 potential members, and so far I’ve signed up two. I need to get into a regular flow of contacting them, and you would be the one researching them, figuring out the right contact, etc.
  • I also need help with some reporting. I have a board and I want to be making regular reports to the board, and the public, but have not been. You can help me there.
  • And once the prospects become members of JournalList, I need some help with getting members onboarded. There are a couple of things to do inside WordPress, where all this is organized, and then some things that the members need to do, and we need to gently pester them to do those things.
  • Also, I may ask for help with some other stuff. For fun, I have a hobby of trying to fix Daylight Saving Time. Because I’ll be paying you out of my own pocket, at least at the start, I feel OK about asking you to do some work not for JournalList, but for my efforts to #LockTheClock. I’ve had great success on my own, but it could be so much greater if I was a bit more organized about it.

So, who are you?

  1. You need to live in a time zone not more than two time zones away from me in Denver.
  2. Really good English. Seriously. You will be communicating with journalists, and so your English needs to be super clear and error-free.
  3. Organized, flexible, etc. All the stuff required of anyone who would even look at a job like this.
  4. Comfortable with Trello. I know it’s not the best system of staying organized, but it’s the one I can tolerate. If you’ve used Asana or Monday or one of the more intense task-management systems, this may seem like playing with fingerpaints for you, but I’d only ask that you be tolerant of me and not mock me to my face.
  5. Super trustworthy. I’m going to be sharing a lot of inside stuff with you, so I need to trust you completely.
  6. A bunch of other requirements that you can probably think of that I can’t because, well, being organized isn’t my strong suit, as we’ve already determined.

I’m figuring this is something like $20 to $30/hour at a total of 5-10 hours a week, but you tell me what you need. I don’t have any employees right now, so this would be 1099 work, and you’ll be in charge of making sure I remember to get the info to the accountant to send you a 1099!

Clearly this is not a typical kind of thing, so the ideal candidate is probably not a typical kind of boring corporate type. I need someone who “gets” me and yet isn’t so much like me that we end up both not getting anything done.

To apply, send me a note. scott@journallist.net. If you have a resume, send that, but if you don’t because you weren’t really looking for a job and just found this because you were snooping around, don’t worry about it. Do include your LinkedIn link.

And you don’t need to spend a bunch of time on that note, but do include in there one quick story of a time when you helped someone like me achieve that person’s goals by doing something seemingly small but in retrospect really important.

Thanks for looking at this!