First Board Meeting Minutes

This is the first post of a series that I am calling simply: Transparency.

As you can see for yourself in the minutes below, at the inaugural board meeting, one of the things we decided was to embrace the concept of radical transparency. It’s not as radical as it once was, as lots of organizations are embracing it.

It has taken on increased urgency in recent days because we are learning that secrecy about salaries is a tool to keep women and people of color underpaid. That isn’t really an issue here as we have only one employee, and I haven’t been paid at all, yet. In fact, I’ve been buying a lot of stuff out of my own pocket, and working for free, but that’s OK for now.

So, in this section, you can always look at everything you might want to know about the organization. You’ll see all of our income and expenses, all our board meetings agendas and minutes. Basically, everything that we do will be available here.

The basic thinking is that if this organization is going to be owned by website publishers and is designed to increase trust in legitimate news providers, it needs to be as trustworthy as possible. We are built on the idea that trust is built when more information is shared, so we will promote that idea, and practice it as well.

With that, here is the document that served as the board agenda and minutes combined into one. If there is a personal pronoun, that will be me, Scott Yates, the founder of JournalList.

Thanks for reading.