JournalList, Inc., is a non-profit membership organization that maintains the trust.txt Reference Document.
We are currently governed by a board of three people

As the organization grows, the board will also grow with members of JournalList, Inc.

Scott Yates

Scott Yates

Former journalist, startup founder. Also serves as Executive Director

Claire Wardle

Claire Wardle

Founder of First Draft News and an international expert on disinformation.

ralph brown

Ralph Brown

Former CTO of CableLabs, Inc., and an expert on technical standards.

Much of the groundwork for JournalList came from the Certified Content Coalition, a now-dormant organization. The CCC was an outgrowth of the Innovator In Residence program, part of the UpRamp suite of initiatives at CableLabs, the research arm of the cable and broadband industry based in Colorado.

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