In short: news publishers should get to decide for themselves.

If a group of news publishers makes its own group, the members of that group get to decide who is and is not in that group.

The very fact of that association is a signal of trust, based on the other members of the group, and the actions of the group over time.

JournalList is one thing: manager of the trust.txt framework, which makes it easy to build a machine-readable file showing the networked listing of all the publishers, and all the groups that they choose to belong to.


How it Works

The JournalList system relies on the existing networks of publishers


Groups of publishers come together in any form. Think anything from the members of the Associated Press to the Wyoming Press Association.

Groups Join

Those associations join JournalList, and then encourage their members to do the same.

Publishers Join

Anyone who publishes news on a URL and belongs to any association will want to join on this site. This will help advertisers, platforms and more know that you are who you say you are.


JournalList will compile the data, and publish it in a machine-readable format the advertisers and platforms will love.

Are you a news publisher, or an association of publishers?

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Editor&Publisher interview about trust.txt

The Spec

The Reference Document for the trust.txt framework

This is the technical document that illustrates how the system works for individual publishers and organizations.

Quick background slide deck about trust.txt

What Others Are Saying

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With a ‘dull’ bit of code, a Colorado startup aims to help news organizations fight online disinformation. (link)

Claire Wardle, U.S. Director, First Draft

“JournalList answers some really basic challenges that platforms, journalists and researchers face.”

Digital Content Next

“Innovative new way to signal trust” (link)

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