JournalList Board Approves New Version of Spec

The board of directors of JournalList unanimously approved publishing the first new version of our specification document in more than two years.

As we wrote about before, the main motivation for the change was to include a new element of the document to deal with the robots that work on behalf of Large Language Models or other forms of Artificial Intelligence.

This has become a major point of frustration for content publishers, one without a clear answer. The solution contained in the trust.txt spec doesn’t completely solve it, but it is an important first step.

trust.txt v 1.4


Yates appointed as Interim Executive Director

In other business, the board formally named Scott Yates, founder of JournalList and board chair, as the interim executive director, something he has been doing unofficially since January. As the title implies, Yates has taken this job on while the board examines the future of the organizational structure of JournalList.

The board also received a financial report. The organization remains strong, with adequate cash reserves and income that JournalList can continue to operate indefinitely with the current low rate of spending.