Certified Content Coalition – Next Chapter

If you are looking for the Certified Content Coalition, this is the new home.

The concept of the CCC was similar to JournalList, but it was much broader and far reaching. Also, it never really caught on. Advertisers said they wanted to support it, but in the end it seems that the advertising people were more interested in the perception of doing something than in actually doing something. (In hindsight, not shocking.)

The CCC also maintained a list of in-person meetings. In a COVID world, that seems not very much needed. There was also a list of efforts to combat misinformation. The fine folks at the Credibility Coalition have created a better version here.

One note here: The CCC was created by me, Scott Yates, and was funded by CableLabs through the UpRamp program. While the CCC is not currently an active organization, the support from CableLabs was crucial in exploring the idea of bringing standards and certification to the world of journalism. I would personally like to thank them for their support.