Conde Nast Pilot Project start page

This page is just for Condé Nast.

After consultation with Peter A. Lerner, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel of Advance, we are recommending that Condé Nast try a pilot project helping to establish all 26 CN brands as leaders in trust online, and create the possibility of enhanced revenue via programmatic ad platforms.

By subscribing, you will be a part of the membership of JournalList, a trade-association nonprofit that manages the trust.txt specification document.

This page serves as the formal proposal to Condé Nast, and covers all the publications listed here:

Once you subscribe, JournalList staff will assist you in the creation of the actual trust.txt files, which we will send to you to be posted in the same way you post ads.txt and robots.txt files now.

If you have questions about trust.txt, or JournalList, you can find them on this site. You may want to watch the video on the home page, look at this FAQ, or read the actual technical document that governs the trust.txt standard.

This will be a helpful part of the fabric of trust in the background of the internet, and we appreciate your participation very much.

If there is anything at all that we can help you with, please contact our founder, Scott Yates at

The membership level here represents a significant discount from what the membership level would be for 26 brands, negotiated in exchange for participating in a pilot project to explore expanded revenue opportunities with programmatic ad buyers. This is the membership for an association, which is appropriate for the collection of Condé Nast brands.

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