Service Provider Registration Page

Thank you for your interest in joining JournalList.

This is a special class of membership designed exclusively for service providers. If you build and host websites for others, this is the page for you.

Inside the Specification Document from JournalList, you will find a variable for you. In short, when you build trust.txt files for your clients, you will want to include a line for them that reads:


And then we recommend that you post your own trust.txt file on your site, and list each of your clients with:


As an additional signal of trust, and to help make the trust.txt ecosystem sustainable, we recommend that you join JournalList, which is a nonprofit similar to a chamber of commerce. Our only income is from membership dues and our only activity is maintenance and promotion of the trust.txt framework. Once you join, your site will be listed as a member of JournalList in our trust.txt file along with the AP and all of the other associations and publishers.

You can do that here:

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Once you have signed up, you will get an email confirming your membership.

And then you’ll want to bookmark this page:

On that page you will find all of your receipts, and you can manage your membership from that page, too.

Thank you for your interest, and if you have any questions, please contact